New Theory

So I have been paying attention to my triggers and I think that my monthly menstrual cycle has something to do with my urges.

What solidified my suspicion was last night, the evening before I started my cycle. I suddenly got urges literally all over my body. My legs, arms, brows, lashes, scalp, just everything everywhere!! What I had to eat was pretty insignificant:

Breakfast: Oatmeal, yogurt

Lunch: Sushi

(No dinner – Super busy day)

I will continue to monitor my triggers around the time of my monthly cycles to see if there really is a pattern. I am hoping that with this knowledge, I can approach my personal treatment differently


Don’t do it!

I’ve been fiddling with a lash but trying not to pull. I’m in class and the person next to me seems to be a skin picker. It is SO hard to be around her when she does it. But I will try to remain strong!